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Italy Business associations, Export consultancy, TEM-DEM Linkedin Facebook IMIT is a non-profit association whose main objective is to give value to the profession of exim manager and experts who work in foreign trade and in business internationalization processes. We focus a lot on “networking” and supporting internationalization managers in sharing and exchanging professional experiences within a group of professionals where they can also find new business opportunities. IMIT is also active in the relationship with the institutions for lobbying and representation of the category and attentive to young people thanks to collaboration agreements with university Masters and specialization courses. Visit the website Book appointment — VIDEO PRESENTATION —– Back

Italy Business associations Linkedin Facebook Instagram Aice, a non-profit entrepreneurial association operating for over 75 years, uniquely represents Italian companies primarily engaged in foreign trade activities, encompassing import, export, and international market expansion. Leveraging extensive experience and continually updated structures, Aice offers comprehensive specialized assistance to its member companies, addressing sector-specific challenges.Maintaining a steadfast institutional rapport with national andinternational authorities, Aice provides Italian operators a vital expertise, contacts, and knowledge in a dynamic global landscape marked byburgeoning markets and evolving exchange paradigms.AICE’s core objective is safeguarding members’ interests and fostering their development through services aimed at enhancing their presence and credibility in international markets. Affiliated with ConfcommercioImprese per l’Italia and Unione Confcommercio Imprese per l’Italia Milano, Lodi, Monza e Brianza, AICE underscores the critical role of international trade in global development, pledging sustained support forenterprises expanding abroad, recognizing global commerce’s pivotal economic role.Membership extends to all Italian companies involved in…

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Italy Export consultancy Linkedin Moroder Consulting is an export specialist consulting company that has been implementing sales development for Italian and foreign companies since 2003 with the best professionals on the market.We support Italian companies that want to develop their business in German-speaking markets as well as foreign companies who wants to expand in Italy and for both cases also to Eastern Europe, the Netherlands and Scandinavia and that are innovative and strongly growth-oriented. Visit the website Book appointment Back

Italy Export consultancy, promotion of foreign markets, other services for internationalisation Linkedin Facebook Instagram The Association, the only one in Italy, in addition to representing this particularsector at the institutions that deal with internationalization, also has the aim ofproviding information and training on topics of interest and facilitating access to the servicesessential for insertion and consolidation. on foreign markets. Visit the website Book Appointment Back

Italy Customs assistance, export consultancy, training (universities, institutes, companies) Linkedin Studio Carbognani is an established reality, synonymous with safety and reliability, which wants to provide Italian operators with a valid point of reference to address the countless problems connected to the international exchange of goods and services Visit the website Book Appointment Back

Germany Export Consultancy, TEM-DEM Linkedin Facebook Instagram Italia Marketing GmbH é un’azienda che si occupa di sviluppo commerciale sul mercato tedesco per PMI italiane con sede a Bonn, in Germania.La nostra mission é quella di accompagnarei nostri clienti integrando l’attitivà della loro direzione generale e della struttura marketing e commerciale esistente. In altre parole, affianchiamo un piccolo gruppo di lavoro con esperienze anche settoriali, composto da uno o più country manager ad interim alla direzione italiana sul mercato tedesco.Le attività di cui ci occupiamo dipendono dalle esigenze del cliente e possono andare dall’identificazione ed acquisizione di nuovi clienti alla creazione di reti di vendita Visit the website Book Appointment Back

Italy Customs Assistance, Legal and Tax Advice for Internationalization, Certifications for Foreign Markets Linkedin Consulting firm in international trade and customs, customs agency, support for import/export operations, assistance and training to obtain customs simplifications and to fulfill mandatory obligations (AEO, approved place, authorized exporter and REX, CBAM, ITV and IVO, professional opinions , dedicated training and consultancy). Visit the website Book Appointment — VIDEO PRESENTATION —– Back

Italy Customs assistance, export consultancy, transport, shipping and logistics Linkedin Instagram Circle Group is a group specializing in process analysis and solution development for the digitization of the port and intermodal logistics sector and in international consulting on Green Deal and energy transition issues. Visit the website Book Appointment Back

Italy Digital Marketing and Export, Other Services for Internationalization Linkedin Facebook Instagram We are a high level service company that connects the demand and the offer of proposals related to the world of virtual assistance, carried out by professionals and high profile, able to work remotely alongside prestigious customers, visionary entrepreneurs, Rising business realities, innovative startups and ambitious freelancers who strongly believe in the power of delegation. We commit our time to free and restore value to your time. Visit the website Book Appointment Back

United Arab Emirates Categoria Linkedin Facebook Instagram NUR offers a tailor-made service to entrepreneurs and consultants who wish to approach the United Arab Emirates market for commercial, professional, industrial and investment purposes. Our services include company incorporation, management of residence and work visas, assistance with government and import/export procedures. We are based in the UAE because it is a land of endless opportunity, where innovation is encouraged and bold endeavors are celebrated. Let’s talk about. Visit the website Book Appointment Back