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Trade Events is the company specialized in the organization of trade fairs and events, with a 23-year history behind it. We follow our customers in the creation of events and fairs in a professional manner right from the first steps. We start by studying the company’s communication objectives to develop a concept in line with the brand, creatively interpreting the message, optimizing the budget and resources, creating partnerships that maximize visibility and impact at a communication level.

The main Trade Events services:

  • CREATION OF THE CONCEPT: Let’s build the identity of your next success together. We structure ideas in order to create effective and long-lasting concepts.
  • LOGISTICAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL SUPPORT: We follow all stages of event implementation, from budget quantification to operational phases.
  • EVENT PRODUCTION: We study the best marketing strategy and take care of every step down to the smallest detail so that the event is a success.
  • SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT: We coordinate the various actors necessary for the success of the event.
  • ORGANIZATIONAL SUPPORT: We follow the logistics and organizational practices.
  • SECRETARIAT: We manage the organizational secretariat to communicate with sponsors, exhibitors and visitors.
  • PARTNERSHIP CREATION: We leverage our experience in different markets to create partnerships with professional media and institutions.
  • PROMOTION: We manage the communication and marketing of the event.
  • FOLLOW UP: We follow up on large projects, making them grow over time.


Since 1946 it has represented and supported Italian companies, of all product categories and sizes, who wish to undertake a 360-degree internationalization journey. The mission is to create value for companies that intend to grow abroad by offering specialized assistance on all aspects related to international trade and, at the same time, we protect the interests of companies by maintaining a constant relationship with the highest national, European and international authorities. world. We identify effective solutions to address, together with the company, all aspects related to import-export operations and all phases of the market process. Not just technical support, but business opportunities for companies. “Go International” in October at Fiera Milano City, is Aice’s annual event to bring together supply and demand on internationalisation, making a consolidated wealth of professionalism, contacts and knowledge available to Italian operators. Aice joins Confcommercio Imprese per l’Italia and Unione Confcommercio Imprese per l’Italia Milan, Lodi, Monza and Brianza.

The main Aice services:

  • Specialist assistance on all issues related to foreign trade
  • Training through an internationalization-oriented path
  • Search for potential foreign partners
  • Growth abroad: entrepreneurial missions, international fairs and events, etc.
  • Information activities: newsletter “Foreign trade”, website, etc.
  • Personalized searches: import/export data, information on foreign markets, etc.
  • Lobbying and representation activities

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