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Italy Export consultancy, new technologies for export Linkedin Facebook Instagram Your Export Studio supports SME in all stages of the internationalization and export process of goods and services. The team’s many years of experience in market analysis and commercial potential, in identifying players and creating international development plans, have led to the development of a revolutionary software: Yes Connect. This is a search tool that, thanks to AI, generates a list of suppliers, distributors, and buyers perfectly aligned with the company’s needs.Cutting-edge technology and the support of an expert team ensure the achievement of best results. Visit the website Book appointment — VIDEO PRESENTATION —– Back

Uruguay Digital Marketing and Export, New Technologies for Export, TEM-DEM Linkedin We generate business opportunities in Latin American markets through digital strategies and business solutions. We give support to SMEs, Made in Italy excellencies, in the development of the Latin market, creating lasting relationships and offering clients constant support on the territory. We act as your direct on-site Marketing & Sales subsidiary, manning the territory thanks to two offices that allow us logistically to follow the region, one in Montevideo(Uruguay) and one in Mexico City (Mexico). Visit the website Book Appointment Back

Italy New Technologies for Export, Transport, Shipping and Logistics, Other Services for Internationalization Linkedin Talea Consulting is focused on Business Process and Document Management: the innovation we bring improves productivity, makes work easier and enhances competitiveness. Visit the website Book appointment Back

Italy Export consultancy, New technologies for export, TEM-DEM Linkedin Instagram HEROES is an international group specialized in internationalization and turnaround projects. With the Design Thinking method and the multidisciplinary skills of our Business Designers,Heroes supports start-ups, medium and large companies to consolidate their presence in foreign markets with a custom-made strategy.The international and predominantly female staff guarantees the global competitive advantage for our customers through the 3 Smart Business Units: InLearning, Heroes Sustainability Compass, MetaTrade.Our main sectors are mechanics, renewable energy, cosmetics, fashion, food.Our headquarters are in Italy, Serbia, Brazil and metaverse. We also operate directly in Japan, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Turkey, Iran, France, Germany and Austria. Visit the website Book Appointment Back

Italy Export consultancy, new technologies for exports, transport, shipping and logistics Linkedin Facebook Instagram Our service EASY DOGANA simplifies the accurate calculation of customs duties in real time and facilitates the HS code, reducing risks and facilitating cross-border transactions.   We are the ideal partner to optimize your logistics process and ensure fast and seamless distribution. Based in Italy and the USA, we have been operating worldwide since 2008. We offer full and customized logistics services, including picking and reception of goods, distribution, special transport, warehousing and an advanced tracking system. Our team of professionals takes care of the precise management of customs documentation. Contact us to learn more, we want to meet you! Visit the website Book appointment Back

Italy Digital Marketing and Export, New Technologies for Export, TEM-DEM Linkedin Facebook We are a Temporary Export Management company.Our mission is to make export skills available to all companies and we do this by building innovative export projects with the best internationalization managers.We created the largest Community of Temporary Export Managers in Italy and this allows us to engage the best manager for each specific project.In summary, we create and manage commercial development projects in foreign markets for companies that have never exported or that want to improve their international performance.Some numbers of Tem Plus:over 200 export projects managed since 2019over 600 managers in our TEM Communitydirect presence with managers resident in the following markets: United States, Brazil, Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Romania, Russia, Senegal, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, SingaporeWe are also qualified to provide services covered by public contributions:TEM company accredited by Invitalia for the public tenders Internationalization…

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Italia Customs Assistance, New Technologies for Export, Transport, Shipping and Logistics Linkedin Facebook SCS Venturini (Shipping and Customs Solutions) is a leading company in the international import-export shipping sector, with nearly two decades of experience in the field. We offer comprehensive services for the organization and management of intermodal and multimodal transportation, covering air, sea, rail, and road transport modes. Additionally, SCS is a renowned customs consultancy and training firm, dedicated from the outset to supporting clients in optimizing their customs activities, both strategically and economically, to streamline the processes of import and export. Visit the website Book appointment Back

Italy Customs Assistance, New Technologies for Export, Transport, Shipping and Logistics Linkedin Facebook We design innovative data processing solutions to provide support to the supply chain, transport, customs and international shipping sectors, to accompany every company in the total Digital Transformation of its processes.Our mission is to work alongside clients and guide them in selecting the right combination of hardware and software solutions, from the standpoint of long-term synergy and efficiency.Expertise, professionalism and high service standards make it possible for us to have a major presence on the market, including in the ERP, management, Cloud IT services and consulting offered, to small, medium-sized and large companies. Visit the website Book Appointment Back

Italy Export, Marketing and Digital Export Consultancy, TEM-DEM Linkedin Facebook Instagram We support companies in their evolving growing path. We do this with strategic thinking, market development expertise, communication initiatives and human resources management. We are not just a marketing consultancy company nor just a creative agency: we are defined by our projects over 30 years of experience.   Our daily work is the greatest value we have in supporting B2B and B2C companies and designing projects with associations, organisations and institutions. We help you consolidate and enhance your competitive advantage, but also discover new segments, introduce you to new potential customers and expand networks and horizons. Visit the website Book appointment — VIDEO PRESENTATION —– Back