Geocom Italia

Geocom Italia

Geocom Italia specializes in helping companies find new customers abroad through innovative methods and tools, including GDM, Geomarketing Digital Management.
GDM is the new pioneer in Searching for New Customers and combines all the power of geography and Contact Management with the strength of Digital dimension.
With our Business Unit, Geocom AIDC, we support the commercial development of companies operating in the Automatic Identification and Data Capture and POS sectors.

We provide companies with a Team of Project Managers and mother tongue Operators specialized in different markets and areas of expertise.
We work in 66 countries around the world and have completed over 600 successful Trade Missions.

We are also:
a TEM company, accredited by Invitalia for the Internationalization Voucher and Digital Export Bonus tender
a TEM company accredited by SACE
a Innovation Manager company accredited by MIMIT for the Innovation Manager tender

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